Incognito // Paris >> L'Ange 20

The "Incognito" series features some of our very favorite hidden gems discovered on our travels. We love these finds so much that we hesitated to even share them! Enjoy...

I can't even remember how we first discovered our favorite restaurant in Paris. I do know that it was 2014, and Anna and I both happened to be in Europe at the same time. It was perfect timing for her to fly from Germany to France to meet up with me. Paris is one of my most cherished cities and I was looking forward to being with Anna as she experienced it for the very first time!  But, after multiple flight delays, sadly we were left with only 1 night in the city. And at 10pm that evening, all we really wanted was to find was an authentic, cozy dinner spot to enjoy a glass of rosé and a good meal with the locals.

As I would imagine being drugged and kidnapped feels like, the next thing I remembered was wandering down a small alley, nearly starving to death and just praying that there was a snack at the end of the ordeal. And then, like a guardian angel, a man appeared under a street lamp in front of a tiny, unassuming establishment. As soon as the handsome young Parisian offered us an aperitif on "La Terrasse" (i.e. having a drink in the alley), we knew we had found our place.

The Deets

  • What >> L'Ange 20

  • Where >> Paris, France (La Marais - 44 Rue des Tournelles, 75004)

  • Why >> Dine like a local with a charming staff and excellent comfort-food French cuisine

  • Online >> / Trip Advisor