Let's Stay In Bed...

SHHHH…. it's not really a lazy Sunday… but no one has to know.

Go ahead, Prop up your pillows, sip your coffee, and have your Sunday paper nearby, you're just a few short clicks away from having all your errands complete all from the comfort of your favorite comforter! It might just be the most productive day you've had all week, and you actually only have to lift a finger.


It's the weekend! And for many, it's the time to get your personal errands done. If, like me, you live in a big city the traffic can almost be worse on the weekends. It's when EVERYONE has time to run their errands. I live in Los Angeles and driving on a Saturday is equal to a personal tour through hell.

It's time to utilize this changing world and let the growing tech world work for you. We've collected our favorite apps for every thing you may need, use them all, use only one. Either way, this is your intro to life hacks to let you be lazy without anyone being the wiser.


Most grocery stores have delivery these days. What we love about INSTACART is the personal shopper aspect. If you order from one of the big stores and they are out of your item it just doesn't show up. With Instacart, you get a call from your shopper letting you know they are out of your brand and to inquire if you’d like to replace it with another or skip it!

Prime Now

I love being an amazon prime member, free shipping and sometimes next or even same day delivery. But did you know that Prime NOW has their own app and will have your items to you that same day, if not within the hour! And we're not just talking necessities. Last minute trip? Need a new suitcase? Done. Delivered in 2 hours.

Post Mates

Their tag: The best of your city delivered in minutes!

Uber Eats

It's exactly what you think it might be. An Uber driver picks up your food at your favorite restaurant and drives it to you!

Grub Hub

Almost seems the "classic" now with all the new food delivery services. But classicas are sometimes the best!

Finally, our favorite app to top off all "convenience" apps…

Task Rabbit

Need a hand moving a heavy piece of Furniture? or putting together that Ikea bookcase? Need a handyman for an hour or two? Don't use a housekeeper but would really like a one time cleaning job? Need a painter to help you patch that wall you've been glaring at for weeks? Don't feel like picking up your dry cleaning?

Wouldn’t it be nice to simply hire a personal assistant for the day? Any "task" you need! Done Done and done! "Taskers" are fully vetted and rated.