Spring is Sprung // Rain Coats

Every year, without fail—and with the first drizzle of Spring—I look out the window and think to myself "Dammit, I don't have a rain coat!". Well, NO MORE. This season, I'm determined to add one functional, yet striking, outerwear piece to my wardrobe (even if I only wear it once). With that, I've had fun scouring the interwebs for unique jackets, but also quickly realizing that I might just *need* two options, depending on my mood. So, here are some of my picks for both playful and classic days... and, oh yeah, these won't break the bank.



Get ready, this is post is all about food.

It was just a quick weekend trip to New Orleans and so we had to hit the ground running. Direct from the airport, stop #1 was Drago's Seafood Restaurant for char-broiled oysters. I'm not even an oyster fan, but these were very different than anything else I've ever had (slather anything with butter, garlic and cheese and I'm SO in). You can even check-out the official recipe on Food.com.

Once we were checked into our swanky hotel, The Saint, we took our first steps onto the edge of the French Quarter and stopped at Killer Po Boys for exactly that. Since we were fully fueled, we meandered over to St. Louis Cemetery #2 for a quick tour (do this cemetery before #1 as it's less busy). Yes, it was a bit cheesy at times, but the burial rituals are such an important part of New Orlean's history that I'm definitely putting it on the must-do list.



St. Louis Cemetary #2

Local Color >> Minneapolis / A Mano

We're infatuated with Minneapolis-based clay artist Louisa Podlich of A MANO. She crafts the most delicate and whimsical designs, with an eye for pattern, color and unique glazes. From practicals like her petite bowls for keepsakes and jewelry, to her fun confetti-inspired workbench tumblers (our fav), to the not-so-practical but totally amazing "Spirit Rocks" -- we simply can't get enough of her own spirit in this work.

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How to Best Support Your Immune System

I just experienced my very first, full-on flu. In the past, I believe that I've often said "Ugh, I've got the flu! This is awful!" when I actually just felt a bit feverish. But then... I got... THE flu and soon realized that I had absolutely no idea what I was talking about before. So, in the spirit of saving others from the pain and suffering of any serious yuckiness this season, I've gathered a few tips for avoiding potential germ attacks for the remainder of winter.

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